To be “KING OF TRANSPORTATION” in the diverse business sector Tallship Haulers operates in.

Tallship Haulers is committed to providing safe, reliable, seamless, flexible and innovative transport and supporting services to our customers, target for exponential growth and strive on being the most profitable within our space of business.

The organization shall strive to:

  • Be prompt with informative response
  • Build a sound relationship with our customers
  • Take care of our customers
  • Encourage excellent team performance
  • Provide on time delivery on services
  • To minimise customer complaints
  • Integrate services for better efficiency and service delivery


To make continuous improvements in our business processes and strategies. We continue to leverage the immeasurable opportunities in the markets we operate in whilst we strive to unlock potential markets of operations. This enables us to set the tone and direction of our business’s growth and development and build an image that is attractive to business partners.

Business Values

The values that drive the business’ vision are:

  • Quality: A market offering that is tailor made and focus based to customer needs and expectations.
  • Loyalty: Building a loyal customer base and sourcing staff that is committed and loyal to their work, growth and self-development.
  • People: Attracting and retaining competent people, and ensuring the development of key competencies essential for the business growth aspirations and success.
  • Integrity: Hard choices and trade-off about what is good for the client, the company, and value creation without sacrificing quality and standards.



Our Clients


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