Road Transport – Our road transport services derive of local transportation and long distance transportation. Local transportation covers the radius of Gauteng province and Long distance transportation moves across the country and to approved cross border destinations.

Due to the complex environment we exercise flexibility which enables us to offer customised road transportation services to clients.

We offer primary and secondary transport for bulk, breakbulk and general cargo, tanker transport, container transport. We do specialized loads, shared loads, packages of all shapes and sizes that need to be delivered to the rightful customer. Where necessary, we also manage consolidation projects that may require a national roll out over a long term period.

For shared loads the client only pays for their processed load(s).



Maritime Services – We facilitate and assist in the transportation process of cargo on behalf of shippers and cargo owners. Through collaborative efforts and strategic partnerships we are able to ensure that freight shipments always get to the customer at the right time and in a high-quality form.

Investment in internal processes is crucial as that allows us to operate at economical means in order for us to be competitive in aspects of timely delivery, efficient processing, and high quality service levels.


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