Executive Summary

At Tallship Haulers, we support global trade and industry trade of goods through road transport, maritime transport and information communication technology solutions. The integration of transportation and information communication technology is one of the strengths that entrenches Tallship Haulers as smart connectivity engineers, where the flow of goods and information create an accessible link between a client and carriers.

We believe our value-added services of unifying information communication technology with transportation is smart connectivity to allow and ensure the flow of goods is seamless, supply chain supportive and optimizes service delivery.

Tallship Haulers targets small to medium sized companies and organisations both in the private and government sector within South Africa as well as across borders. Tallship Haulers seeks to establish sustainable contracts or projects with targeted firms.

We have learnt not to over commit ourselves but leverage in strategic alliances with like-minded partners in servicing projects that require extensive man power, as well as other specialized expertise. We believe in strategic partnerships to help optimize transport efficiencies, enhance service levels, reduce supply chain risks, gain substantial cost reductions and improve profitability levels.

The transportation industry today is far more complex and heavily influenced by forever changing processes. To keep abreast with the market, we continuously adopt technology advances to make it economical for operations to be done at a less cost and efficiently. Through unifying human skills, high-tech, transportation and information communication technology as a single component it enables a unique platform for improved transportation management, services and smart connectivity.

To take advantage of the immeasurable opportunities in the market we leverage on collaborative opportunities, partner with like-minded companies where necessary and focus on acquiring the relevant skills, expertise and capabilities to help unlock the opportunities identified.

We shall continue to strive to provide customer-approved quality services while ensuring that we positively contribute to the development of the economies we participate in and provide assistance to indigenous companies within our scope of business.

Our Clients

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